Silicone Moulds

Our silicone moulds are made from addition/platinum cured silicone rubber so they are chemical and heat resistance (250°C), these properties are superior to tin/condensation cure silicone moulds, translating into a longer mould life.

To care for your moulds, do not burn with a lighter and try to use spray alcohol to pop any bubbles on the surface of your resin instead of heat. Wipe clean gently using a soft cloth or by running under warm water. Do not use sharp objects on the mould as this may cause permanent scratches or rips.

Moulds may have micro bubbles or minor imperfections due to being handmade but this does not affect casting from the mould. I will check each mould before they will be dispatched. If there are any issues with your mould when it arrives please contact me immediately and I will be happy to help you with the issue.

Standard Silicone Moulds Deeper Moulds Queen_Quartzz Designs

Looking for a custom design? Please get in touch as we can design and create moulds to your specifiations.

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